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Apricot + Cranberry (10 ct.)

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Apricot+Cranberry fruit bar has a smooth texture that envelops your mouth with 2 delicious tastes in one fruit snack bar. You can start your day with this healthy vitamin-rich bar or you can take it to work and have it for brunch, because it's 100% natural ingredients will keep you energized throughout the day. Apricot+Cranberry bars are a great source of Vitamin C and potassium that energizes your body by keeping it active. Each bar is completely free of gluten and contains no artificial flavors. The sweetness of the bar comes from 100% natural apricots and cranberries that are hand-picked from the farm. Complemented with chunky pieces of sweet raisins and cranberries, this delicious fruit bar is sure to satisfy your craving for healthy fruits and keep you active for the next 24 hours. Good health is above wealth, so get started with the that delicious snack bar.

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