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Apricot + Orange (10 ct.)

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There is a saying in Arabic 'Tomorrow there will be apricots' pertaining to a promise that will never be fulfilled. But we at Frutobar deliver what we promise with our super tasty Apricot+Orange snack bar. And our half an orange tastes as sweet as a whole one. The natural taste of sweet apricots mixed with orangesis not only high in dietary fiber but a great source of iron, potassium and Vitamin C. This healthy fruit bar fuels your body to get through a hectic day at school or your workplace. It is 100% free from any artificial flavors. It is gluten-free and will help you perform your level best all day long. Health is the vital principle of bliss and our Apricot+Orange fruit bar will bring you pure joy and add more color and flavor to every day of your life.

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